Push Zone Supports Image Processing

By Martin Williams
Published on February 13, 2020
Push Zone Supports Image Processing

Push Zones are now seamlessly supporting Image Processing! This allows global image hosting without having the images hosted on another origin server. The complete feature set of Image Processing is now also available for Push Zones. It only takes a few steps to upload and transform images. Our edge servers are directly linked to our global storage cluster, which ensures faster loading times of images. This is ideal for delivering images of any size with low latency regardless of where the user is located.

Advantages of using image hosting

Image hosting comes with a number of advantages that will make delivering assets fast and easy:

  • No origin server needed: Images are hosted on the KeyCDN infrastructure.
  • Accelerated uploads: Images can be uploaded through FTP(S) or rsync over SSH.
  • Secure storage: Our image hosting solution is highly redundant and distributed.
  • High throughput: Images are transformed in real time for excellent performance.
  • Purge push assets: Purge assets immediately in the KeyCDN dashboard or through the API.
  • No commitment: Scale up and down anytime and only pay for the images processed.

Using Push Zones for Image Processing means that KeyCDN takes care of the whole transformation and delivering process once the images have been uploaded.

Image Processing examples

Just a few steps are necessary and you're ready to go:

  1. Create a Push Zone and enable Image Processing in the Zone settings.
  2. Upload images to your Push Zone.
  3. Access transformed images immediately.

The example below is a basic focal point crop containing the x and y coordinates as well as width and height:


Another example is a semi-transparent watermark:


Feature set overview

Our Image Processing service consists of a feature set that is executed in the following order:

  1. Trim: Remove pixels from edges that are similar to the top left pixel.
  2. Crop: Crop images based on certain coordinates.
  3. Resize: Define a new width and/or height.
  4. Extend: Add pixels beyond the original dimensions.
  5. Compose: Modify images in many different ways.
  6. Overlay: Add another image on top of the existing image (e.g. watermark).
  7. Format: Change the output format and quality.

Operations can also be combined for complex image modifications.


A Push Zone using Image Processing offers fast and secure image hosting. After the initial setup, images can be transformed very easily on a global scale. KeyCDN combines fast image processing with high performing content delivery. A combination that will supercharge your website.

Happy image transforming!

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